Camp Lejeune Representative Ad

In this project, our team aimed to create a high-quality advertising campaign that would help increase trust in the mass tort industry and position us as leaders.


Saddle Rock Legal Group


Creative Director Director Writer



Challenge: The mass tort field often relies on low-cost, user-generated ads on social media, which are perceived as unprofessional or scam-like, attracting negative attention and comments.

Objective: To shift from this norm, we aimed to produce an ad that clearly conveyed our message and showcased our business's authenticity and high-quality standards. This strategy was intended to position us as a significant player in the mass tort space.

Execution: We employed a full-time actor to portray our Camp Lejeune Representative and chose our office as the filming location to enhance realism.

Outcome: The ad's launch resulted in a 6% increase in engagement within the first three days, maintaining a high level of performance in the subsequent weeks. This success motivated our team to continue developing similar high-quality content.

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