Saddle Rock Legal Logo Design

The company decided to change its name from Full Throttle ads to Saddle Rock Legal Group for legal advertising purposes in the mass tort space. As the Creative Director, I was assigned to design a logo that met their desired legal standards and also positioned them as a strong competitor in the industry.


Saddle Rock Legal Group


Creative Director Logo Designer



Project Overview:

Background: Initially named Full Throttle Ads, the company rebranded as Saddle Rock Legal Group to align with its role as an advertising data analytics firm for law firms and lead generation firms. This repositioning required a new logo that reflected our legal standards in the mass tort space.

Design Process: The logo design was influenced by extensive research into existing legal brands. The goal was to blend the company's unique business model with a design that echoed our Arizona origins. The final logo combines elements of the western desert environment with a modern, clean aesthetic suitable for a cattle brand.

Logo Sketch

Logo Features: The final logo depicts a sun setting behind a mountain range, maintaining a professional yet rustic style. A Corinthian pillar-like serif symbolizes our legal industry connection, while the typeface balances professionalism with a nod to our Arizona heritage.

Revolving Saddle Rock logo
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